Sunday, March 15, 2009


Have you by any chance, watched the movie, FIREPROOF? I was able to check it out of our local library. It had been raining outside, was cold and damp, so DH built a fire in our fireplace, and we watched FIREPROOF together. Why do I cry, even when a movie ends the way I want it to? Why do I cry when a baby is born, when someone gives their heart to the Lord, or when someone gets married? That's just me. If you haven't seen this movie, please do. And, I bought the book, The Love Dare, that is mentioned in the movie. It takes you on a 40 day journey that is challenging and sometimes difficult. After you have seen the movie or read the book, let me hear from you, and let me know what you think. So, today, instead of a card, I want to show you my DH and I. Several years ago, I was able to go with him on a "once in a lifetime cruise", and this is the picture that was taken. Have a good day, and DON'T LEAVE YOUR PARTNER BEHIND.


  1. Hi Joyce!! Stopping in to let you know I added your new blog to my Google Reader, so I will know when you update!! Love this photo of you two!
    I haven't seen the movie, yet...but will be getting it on reserve at the library today!
    Off to read the rest of your posts...

  2. WE saw it Joyce and really thought it had a great message! WE both enjoyed it. For many years we were involved in Worldwide Marriage Encounter and it reminded me of some of the things we learned then, and followed through with. I would be interested to see the book now. Thanks for the reminder. I will have to check on that. Great photo --- nothing like time away with our husbands.....especially on a cruise ship! :)