Saturday, April 25, 2009


How many of you know the Southern Gospel Group.........the Easter's?(Jeff & Sheri) I love that touch of bluegrass that they have, and really enjoy their music. Several weeks ago, my granddaughter was able to go to a Gaither Homecoming Concert, and got to meet them in person. Sheri was recuperating from breast surgery, but Jeff went to get her for a personal visit with Hannah. Now, you must understand that Hannah is 3 years old, and loves to watch their videos, listen to their CD's, and sing along. Friday night the Easter's were in concert, so my DS and DIL took Hannah. What a special night it turned out to be for her. Sheri spotted her in the audience, waved at her, then Jeff called her out, and Hannah got to go on stage with them for about 10 mins.! She told them what songs she liked, so she and Sheri sang together. As a proud grandparent, let me share with you a couple photos of Miss Hannah. YOU GO, BABY GIRL!

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  1. Hannah is just TOO CUTE! She is a little performer!