Friday, May 15, 2009

Nose Job(Part 1)

Let talk about Cosmetic Surgery for awhile. Have you ever seen so much going on? It's either a boob job, nose job, tummy name it, all with the hopes and attempt to improve the appearance of aging, or unattractive parts of the body. When I saw this old man, and due to an unfortunate incident in our family recently, I couldn't help but laugh. His nose is so huge! So, I thought I would make this a fun card, making him so proud of his nose job, and wanting to make sure you notice, because after spending that kind of $$, you sure want to make sure everyone can tell. You can tell, can't you? Now, for the "rest of the story".................


  1. fun card Joyce!!Congratulations on your new blog well at least it is for me.

  2. LOL...what a funny card. You did a great card depicting this event!

  3. LOL!!! what a fun card!! this is graet Joyce! i hope your DH is recovering nicely...