Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Where's Johnny's Cap?

I realize the official Thanksgiving Day holiday is over, but every day should be a day of Thanksgiving for us:

A story is told about a family that went on a picnic by a lake. At one point, their 5 year old son waded into the lake, stepped into deep water, and sank out of sight. None of the adult in the family knew how to swim, so they ran up and down the shore in panic, screaming for help. A man happened by, who sized up the situation, leaped into the lake, and rescued the boy, who was frightened but unharmed, only to hear the mother ask with irritation, "Where is Johnny's cap?"

So often we focus on small disappointments that cause us to grumble and complain, rather than focusing on the wonderful things God has brought into our lives, not the least of which is His everlasting love and salvation. When we complain about the small dissatisfactions of life, we're asking, in effect, "Where's Johnny's cap?" Paul wrote, "In everything give thanks".(I Thess. 5:18). We may not be thankful for everything that comes our way, but we can give thanks in everything. It may be difficult to be grateful when we lose our job, or our health fails, but we can be thankful for the good that God has brought to us in this life, and grateful for the life to come. It could always be alot worse.

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